Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Joys of Air Travel

Earlier this week I was drawn into a debate over whether Michael O'Leary is a genius. Anyone who knows me, and/or my history with his airline should be in no doubt as to my stance on this man.

So as I sit in terminal 2F of Charles de Gaulle waiting for my Air France flight to Dublin, I feel once again reassured in my choice to consistently fly with a proper airline.

When I arrived at the terminal I walked past a hour long queue for check-in and went to the business check-in and checked in immediately. I was given a plastic bag to protect my back-pack that I'd checked in and I walked through security with a minimal delay.

I was hungry so I had a few sandwiches while I checked my emails in the business lounge. Now I'm just about to board and I'm reading through the selection of free newspapers that I've picked up.

And what massive premium did I have to pay for flying Air France? €10 at most - screw you Michael O'leary! I'm looking forward to my mediocre sandwich and Perrier on board too!

Update: ...And then i got bumped up to business class - foie gras and champagne all the way. Screw you all, peasants!

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