Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Top News - Nasty Storm Hits US, while Nothing Happens At Republican Convention...

...Meanwhile in some non-English speaking countries - everything is F***ed!

Looking through the 24-hour news stations in the past few days they are dominated by the Republican Convention which isn't happening and Hurricane Gustav which isn't really happening. Little fuss was made of course when Gustav was killing a hundred people crossing Cuba and the Caribbean - even then the focus was hyping the hurricane up to be "The storm of the century" that was going to destroy New Orleans again.

So basically nothing is happening, (another tropical storm/hurricane hitting Haiti in the course of one week doesn't apparently count) queue a video of journalists standing outside in New Orleans and surprisingly being blown around a bit - compelling stuff!

Meanwhile, the Indian Monsoon gets a bit of a mention gets an occasional brief mention but the medias main contribution to this seems to be to take up room on the tiny boats being used to evacuate people - it seems like pure idiocy! View for yourself here and I'm sure I saw worse on TV, where the clip actually showed them making a pic- up and the boat nearly getting swamped.

Anyway, the emphasise put on tragedy or even potential tragedy in the developed world over the developing world seems ridiculous to me... that's all. I know I'm hardly breaking new ground here but this week's examples have just been too blatant for me to that I couldn't ignore them.

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