Monday, May 12, 2008

How Many More Times?

Yes, it's come to that point again... I'm left pondering once more. Left floundering in the cold bisque of my conscience and wondering how many more times? Yes, how many more times will I ever need to visit Iceland?

I've been trying to organise my travel arrangements for upcoming competitions. I have a particularly busy month in May - Warsaw, Madrid and then Padoa. I bought the flights back in January when they were a bit cheaper but this has caused some anomalies. For example, for some reason I'd booked to fly back to Paris from Warsaw ( a thoroughly boring place) on Monday morning. Luckily enough that flight was changeable so problem the first solved.

In Madrid, I had thought that a friend was to be joining me that weekend. The competition starts on Friday since it is a Grand Prix, so I'd booked from Thursday till Sunday evening. Now it seems I shall be spending a second year wandering around Madrid on Sunday on my own as my "friend" has chosen a holiday with his wife ahead of a weekend with me. What's that all about?

Padoa should be interesting. I fly into Venice as that is the nearest international airport, on Thursday. Get the train to Padoa. Compete Thursday and hopefully Friday. Then get a train back to Venice, wander around the most romantic city on the planet alone (used to this from Paris though). On Monday morning I'll be getting up at around 4.30am to catch my bus to the airport. So spare a thought for this poor international fencer.


So that is the rest of my May wrapped up in a little package but what to do with myself in June?

I was considering a return to Iceland for the satellite competition there and there's also a refereeing course on the week after the competition. Back to my old stomping ground where it all began all those years ago - see Geysur and Gulfloss and see how they are getting on and then swing by the Newcastle satellite on the way home. Newcastle though I'm not quite sure about yet.

Anyway, back to searching flights and jobs to pay for them while I'm at it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Zombie Movie Paris

5am - Mo Nation

They hadn't even opened all the gates to the station when I arrived. Eventually, I found one that was open. As it happened that gate didn't give direct access to the RER; in fact it couldn't have been any further away. Got to walk through all the completely metro platforms though, since the metro isn't even open yet - kind of eerie for a space that is always teeming with people.

Anyway, what am I doing up this early? I'm going home. Why this early? I have no idea. I'm writing this to fill in time while I wait for the RER.

If anyone ever reads this and if they happen to be in Ireland this weekend maybe our paths will cross.


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