Monday, July 28, 2008


I saw Rocky the other day... no, not the sixth instalment of the films following the life and times of Rocky Balboa, but actually Rocky in person - Sly Stallone. He was as close as you are now to your computer screen reading this... well depending on how far you sit from your screen.

Anyway, there it was the highlight of the Summer so far... oh dear, I need a holiday. I can now declare this season a success though, I feel and move on with renewed hope to the new one.

I won't be fencing at all in August, my first break of over two weeks from fencing since a wrist injury in Autumn 2005. So I feel it is somewhat justified. As I approached the end of the season and the Europeans I was feeling quite burnt-out and was struggling to find form - and eventually this was reflected in my results over the last month or so of the season.

Now the mission is to draw a line under that and start afresh in September, after a serious burst of fitness work over the course of August.

Next season I promise to return to updating this blog regularly aswell - bold words I know - considering there is a huge gap in this blog from around August last year. That was due to extenuating circumstances though, as anyone reading this probably already knows.

Anyway... season over... time to reset... as of the end of this sentence here.

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